Our album Keep is available on cede.ch, iTunes, Google Play, igroove.ch, Spotify and many more.


After nearly 10 years, Michi says goodbye. From now on Dave will be held accountable for keep rhythms in line and making heads bang!
And we have a new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7p0R9MnGxw (02.03.17)

Already played concerts ...
30.11.16 - Soulchicken, Luzern
03.06.16 - , Südpol, Luzern
07.05.16 - Uferlos, Luzern
13.05.15 - Neubad Luzern
28.03.15 - Nelson Pub Adliswil
28.03.14 - , as PERSROCK @Södra Teatern Stockholm
21.11.13 - öffentlich Probe, Gleis 13 Luzern
28.09.13 - Nelson Pub Adliswil
10.09.13 - RockResort, Werk21/Dynamo Zürich
26.04.13 - Bruch Brothers Luzern
16.03.13 - Gleis 13 Luzern
13.10.12 - Bärechäller Aarburg
05.05.12 - Nelson Pub Adliswil
10.02.12 - Rock-City Uster
27.05.11 - Emergenza Final Schweiz, Bierhübeli Bern
25.05.11 - ACOUSTIC Contest, Scala Wetzikon
05.05.11 - Bluesbar Luzern
17.04.11 - Emergenza Final Zürich, Abart Club Zürich
27.02.11 - Emergenza Vorrunde, Abart Club Zürich
03.12.10 - Nelson Pub Seewen
29.10.10 - Hugo goes Wirred, Bärenkeller Aarburg
02.10.10 - Nelson Pub Adliswil
27.03.10 - Nelson Pub Adliswil
01.08.09 - Rock the mountain, Ibergeregg

02.03.17: After nearly 10 years, Michi says goodbye. From now on Dave will be held accountable for keep rhythms in line and making heads bang!
And we have a new video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T7p0R9MnGxw
22.02.17: Videoclip and news are on the way! Soon ...
17.11.16: We're playing in the restaurant Soulchicken on November 30th 2016 from ap. 19:30. Combine town's best chicken with great music - and we're gonna show you another, but yet very interesting, side of us: simplified and chilled.
06.06.16: Wirred at radio 3fach (swiss german)
30.05.16: It's done - our album "Keep" can be preordered. See CEDE.ch for good old CDs and iTunes, GooglePlay, Spotify for digital versions. And on the plus side, we present you another song from the album: Mentioned.
"Keep" including 13 great and diversified songs will be realeased on June 3d, the very same day we're having our CD Release Party! Be there!
20.04.16: Our video "Quotations" is now available on YouTube!
19.04.16: The first music video of our new record will be released here on wednesday! See you ...
07.04.16: Big news!
Concerts: we're playing at Uferlos on 7th of May and will present our album on 3d of June at Südpol Lucerne.
Also, the album "Keep" will be released in june!
We know you haven't heard in a while. We've been busy on our record! Soon, the waiting will be over ...CD hidden
06.05.15: One week left: we'll be playing @Neubad Luzern - starting 9:30pm and after us, Who's Elektra will keep pace. You'll find more information at http://www.neubad.org
And here some new studio impressions - vocals & bass guitar Video: Studio 4
Next one: Sam's working on the guitar tracks for our new record. Video: Studio 3
It is worth subscribing our youtube channel as we're posting videos now and then. Right now: Michi working on our new record. Video: Studio 2
No. 1 of our little series "live at our rehearsal room"! Video: From another side
11.06.14: As you probably know we're currently recording an album. To make songs available to you that won't make it there, we're gonna be posting new band rehearsal videos of such tunes every now and then ... starting this weekend. Stay tuned ...
Wanna hear the results of one of our band rehearsals? Watch the youtube video below ... and have fun! Video: Salvation
01.04.14: Persrock @Stockholm: Amazing gig, amazing crowd! Click here for pictures ...
24.02.14: As we're always open to great projects we agreed when Farzad Alipur asked as to join him as his band with PERSROCK. Therefore we'll be playing in Södra Teatern Stockholm on 28th of march..
25.10.13: Gleis13 in Lucerne offers bands the possibility to rehearse on stage - we think this is a great idea and as a result you can hear us 'try out' our songs there on November 21st from 9pm.
On september 10th we're playing at Werk21 (Dynamo) in Zurich with Exile RD at Rock Resort - opens: 20:00, start: 20:45! Video: Exile RD
31.05.13: Surprise, surprise! What? Look here...
12.04.13: We're gonna be playing in Lucerne again on friday 26th of april. The venue is the Bruch Brothers bar and we'll be starting somewhere after nine o'clock. See you there
01.03.13: We just uploaded a new song - "what you can not be" ... re-arranged, re-recorded ... if you like it, come to Gleis13 in Lucerne on March 16th. We'll play this one and others live. See you there!
25.01.13: After redesigning the homepage, we're looking forward for the first concert in 2013 in the comfy music bar Gleis13 ... see you the 16th of march in Lucerne.
19.09.12: Hi, we're back with new songs after a short break! On October 13th we will rock the comfy Baerechaeller, starting 9:30 pm! We're looking forward to seeing you!
If you want to book us, or if you just want to post a comment: send us an email!
E-Mail: booking@wirred.ch
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